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10 Lucky St. Patrick's Day Nail Designs: Celebrate with Green and Gold

on June 04, 2024

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect occasion to have fun with your nail art by embracing greens, golds, and patterns that range from subtle to vibrant. Whether you are participating in a parade, attending a themed party, or just want to show off your festive spirit, these nail designs are sure to turn heads. Here are 10 must-try St. Paddy nails that celebrate everything Irish in a chic and playful way.

Why Choose Festive St. Patrick's Day Nails?

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with themed nail art is a fun and expressive way to get into the spirit of the holiday. Saint Patrick nails not only enhance your outfit but also make for a great conversation starter. Whether you prefer subtle St. Paddy nails or something more elaborate like St. Patrick's Day coffin nails, there's a style for every preference and occasion.

Top 10 St. Patrick's Day Nail Designs

1. Classic Green and Gold on Saint Patrick Nails

  • Design: Alternate nails painted in vibrant green and shiny gold.
  • Perfect for: Anyone looking to show their Irish pride with traditional colors.
  • Technique: Use metallic gold polish for a luxe look.


Saint Patrick nails


2. Lucky Shamrocks on St. Paddy Nails

  • Design: Green base with small white or gold shamrocks.
  • Perfect for: Adding a lucky charm to your Saint Patrick nails.
  • Technique: Use a thin brush or stamp for detailed shamrock shapes.


Saint Patty's nail designs

3. Green Glitter Ombre for Saint Patrick Nails

  • Design: A gradient effect using various shades of green glitter.
  • Perfect for: A sparkling look that transitions from light to dark.
  • Technique: Sponge on the glitter in layers, starting with the lightest at the base.


St Pattys nail design with Green Glitter Ombre


4. Irish Flag Tribute on St. Paddy Nails

  • Design: The Irish flag represented on your nails.
  • Perfect for: A patriotic approach to Saint Patty's nail designs.
  • Technique: Paint vertical stripes of green, white, and orange.


St paddy nails with Irish flag tribute on


5. Celtic Knots for Saint Patrick Nails

  • Design: Intricate white or gold Celtic knots on a green base.
  • Perfect for: Those who love detailed artwork and a nod to Irish heritage.
  • Technique: Freehand with a fine brush or use decals.


Green St Patrick's day nails with Celtic knots


6. Gold Coins on St. Paddy Nails

  • Design: Gold coins at the tip of green or black nails.
  • Perfect for: A playful look that’s both fun and festive.
  • Technique: Paint gold circles or apply small round decals.


Green St Patrick's day nails with gold coins on


7. Green Marble Effect for St. Paddy Nails

  • Design: Swirled green and white marble design.
  • Perfect for: Achieving a sophisticated, stone-like appearance.
  • Technique: Drag a detail brush through wet layers of white and green polish.


Saint Patrick nails with green marble effect design


8. Rainbow and Pot of Gold on Saint Patrick Nails

  • Design: A rainbow stretching across several nails, ending in a pot of gold.
  • Perfect for: Full-hand storytelling and a vibrant display.
  • Technique: Use a sponge for the rainbow gradients and detail brushes for the pot of gold.


Saint Patty's nail designs with rainbow


9. Green French Tips for St. Paddy Nails

  • Design: A fresh take on the French manicure using green tips.
  • Perfect for: Those who prefer minimal designs.
  • Technique: Tape off the tips and apply green polish, or use St. Patrick's Day coffin nails for a bolder statement.


St Pattys nail design with green French tip


10. Green Plaid on Saint Patrick Nails

  • Design: Dark green plaid over a lighter green base.
  • Perfect for: An elegant look that channels a Celtic vibe.
  • Technique: Paint thin lines using black and gold over a matte green base.


Green St Patrick's day nails


FAQs about St. Patrick's Day Nail Art

What color nails for St. Patrick's Day?

The most popular colors for St. Patrick's Day nails are various shades of green, often complemented by gold, white, or even orange, reflecting the colors of the Irish flag. For a more sophisticated look, try classy St. Patrick's Day nails in darker shades of green or with subtle gold accents.

Where to Find St. Patrick's Day Nail Products

For top-quality and festive nail designs, including St. Patrick's Day coffin nails, check out the selection at Match Nails. Explore the St. Patrick's Day nails collection for a variety of pre-designed options that cater to every taste and celebration style.


With these 10 fabulous St. Paddy nails, you’re set to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style. From simple and elegant to intricate and bold, these ideas will ensure your nails are as festive as any parade or party. Whether you opt for traditional green St. Patrick's Day nails or something uniquely festive like St. Patrick's Day coffin nails, let your nails reflect your spirit and joy for the celebration. Don’t forget to check out Match Nails to find everything you need for a perfect St. Patrick's Day manicure. Happy St. Patrick's Day and may your nails be as lucky and bright as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

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