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How to Get Press-On Nails to Stay On

on July 02, 2024

Press-on nails have become a popular choice for achieving salon-quality nails at home. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion like a wedding or just want to keep your nails looking fabulous, it's important to know how to make them last. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about getting press-on nails to stay on, featuring tips and tricks that ensure your nails remain flawless for as long as possible.


Why Choose Press-On Nails?

Press-on nails are a fantastic alternative to traditional manicures for several reasons:

  • Convenience: They are easy to apply and remove, making them perfect for those with busy schedules.
  • Variety: Available in a wide range of designs, shapes, and lengths, such as press-on nails for weddings and ombre black coffin nails.
  • Cost-Effective: Less expensive than salon visits, allowing for frequent changes without breaking the bank.
  • Less Damage: When applied and removed correctly, they cause less damage to your natural nails compared to acrylics or gel manicures.


Preparing Your Nails for Application

Proper preparation is key to ensuring your press-on nails stay on longer. Here’s how to get started:

Clean and Dry Your Nails

  1. Remove Old Polish:

    • Use a nail polish remover to ensure your nails are clean and free from any old polish.
  2. Wash Your Hands:

    • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water to remove oils and dirt.
  3. Dry Completely:

    • Make sure your nails are completely dry before moving on to the next step. Moisture can prevent the adhesive from sticking properly.

Shape and Buff Your Nails

  1. Trim and File:

    • Trim your natural nails to your desired length. Use a nail file to shape them and smooth the edges.
  2. Buff the Surface:

    • Gently buff the surface of your nails with a nail buffer. This creates a rough surface that helps the adhesive bond better.

Push Back Cuticles

  1. Soak Your Nails:

    • Soak your nails in warm water for a few minutes to soften the cuticles.
  2. Push Back Cuticles:

    • Use a cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles. This provides more surface area for the press-on nails to adhere to.


Applying Press-On Nails

Once your nails are prepared, it's time to apply the press-on nails. Follow these steps for a secure and lasting application:

Choose the Right Size

  1. Select Sizes:

    • Match each press-on nail to your natural nails. Choose sizes that fit well without overlapping the skin.
  2. File Edges if Necessary:

    • If a press-on nail is slightly too large, use a file to trim it to the perfect size.

Use High-Quality Adhesive

  1. Apply Glue:

    • Apply a thin layer of nail glue to both your natural nail and the press-on nail. Be careful not to use too much, as it can cause the nails to lift.
  2. Press and Hold:

    • Press the press-on nail onto your natural nail and hold it firmly for at least 30 seconds. Ensure there are no air bubbles.

Alternative Adhesives

  1. Adhesive Tabs:
    • For a less permanent option, use adhesive tabs. These are easy to apply and remove, making them ideal for short-term wear.


Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Press-On Nails

To maximize the lifespan of your press-on nails, follow these maintenance tips:

Avoid Water Exposure

  1. Keep Dry:
    • Avoid excessive exposure to water, especially in the first few hours after application. Wear gloves while doing dishes or cleaning.

Be Gentle

  1. Limit Strain:
    • Avoid using your nails as tools to open packages or pry things apart. This can weaken the adhesive bond.

Reapply Glue if Necessary

  1. Fix Lifts Promptly:
    • If a nail starts to lift, apply a small amount of glue underneath and press it back into place.


Removing Press-On Nails Safely

When it’s time to remove your press-on nails, do so carefully to avoid damaging your natural nails:

Soak-Off Method

  1. Soak in Warm Water:

    • Soak your nails in warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes to loosen the adhesive.
  2. Gently Remove:

    • Use an orangewood stick to gently lift and remove the press-on nails. Do not force them off.

Use Acetone

  1. Acetone Soak:

    • For a quicker removal, soak your nails in acetone. This will dissolve the glue, making it easier to remove the nails.
  2. Moisturize After Removal:

    • After removing the nails, wash your hands and apply cuticle oil and hand cream to keep your nails and skin hydrated.


Choosing the Best Press-On Nails

Choosing high-quality press-on nails is crucial for longevity and appearance. Here are some popular styles from Match Nails:

Press-On Nails for Weddings

For a special occasion like a wedding, press-on nails for weddings offer elegant and sophisticated designs that match any bridal look.


Pink press on nails for wedding


Ombre Black Coffin Nails

For a trendy and bold look, consider ombre black coffin nails. These nails are perfect for making a statement.


ombre black coffin nails


Press-On Nails Ombre

Press-on nails ombre provide a stylish gradient effect that can complement any outfit.


Match Nails long coffin summer blue ombre nails


Short Rounded French Tip Nails

For a classic and timeless look, try short rounded french tip nails. These nails are perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.


short rounded french tip nails




How long do press-on nails last?

  • With proper application and care, press-on nails can last up to two weeks.

Can I reuse press-on nails?

  • Yes, if they are removed carefully and kept in good condition, press-on nails can be reused.

Is nail glue safe for my natural nails?

  • Yes, when used correctly, nail glue is safe. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid getting glue on your skin.

Can I shower with press-on nails?

  • Yes, but it's best to avoid prolonged exposure to water to prevent the nails from lifting.

What should I do if a press-on nail falls off?

  • Clean your natural nail, reapply glue to both the natural and press-on nail, and press firmly for 30 seconds.

Can I paint over press-on nails?

  • Yes, you can apply regular nail polish over press-on nails to change the look.


Getting press-on nails to stay on requires proper preparation, application, and maintenance. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can enjoy long-lasting, beautiful nails that look like they came straight from the salon. Whether you’re looking for press-on nails for a wedding, ombre black coffin nails, or any other style, Match Nails offers a variety of high-quality options to suit your needs. Take care of your nails, enjoy your stunning press-ons, and embrace the ease and beauty they bring to your life.

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