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Match nails prep kit for press on nails
Match nails prep kit for nails

    Prep Kit for Press on Nails

    $19.90 $29.00

      Prep Kit  (Adhesive Gel & Glue Debonder & Manicure File & Manicure Stick)


      • 1 Adhesive Gel
      • 1 Glue Debonder 
      • 1 Manicure File
      • 1 Manicure Stick

      This essential set includes everything you need for a salon-quality manicure at home. Adhesive Gel ensures a strong, long-lasting hold for your press-on nails, while the Glue Debonder gently removes them without damaging your natural nails. The Manicure File allows for precise shaping and customization, and the Manicure Stick helps with gentle cuticle care and cleaning for a flawless finish. This all-in-one kit is your secret weapon to flawless press-on application and removal, every single time.


      How to Apply the Prep Kit

      Prep kit nails tool instructions

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